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Love a Juicy steak?  it's good for you.

I found this great article about the "Meat Diet.." a study done by Mike Geary--Certified Nutrition Specialist, Environmental Scientist..I think you will find it interesting and enlightening.


Have you heard the news in the last couple years that "meat diets" have been growing in popularity, and have some surprisingly powerful health benefits that often shock a lot of people, since this way of eating is contrary to what you hear in the mass media.


This caught my attention, because as a young women my diet was mostly meat products.. I stayed slim, strong and healthy until later when I gained weight and lost a lot of my energy because of the things I started to eat. I experienced aches and pains, due to arthritis..but because I had a laid a foundation of good eating habits earlier, I believe that's part of what brought me to the ripe age of  91 !..I still basically am a meat eater! Just had to cut out a lot of the junk.


The article asks that you keep an open mind and realize that most "gurus" out there that you hear from in the media actually don't have much depth of nutrition education, and most powerful food companies that sell ultra-processed" plant based" junk food actually have a lot of influence on spreading propaganda trying to blame all health problems on meat, eggs and other healthy animal foods beause they know that you'll buy more highly profitable "plant-based" junk food if you eat less animal food.


When you dig into the real science, and explore it with an open mind, you actually find that most information about nutition that's preached in the mainstream isn't necessarily correct.  (he explains his findings in this ariticle.)


The "carnivore diet", is basically a way of eating that focuses either entirely or mostly on healthy meat, fish, and eggs, while avoiding most plant-foods, or choosing only small amounts of plant foods based on a scale of plant toxicituy..example, with leafy greens, nightshade, grains, and beans being the most toxic plant foods, and fruits generally being the least toxic types of plant foods.. 


This is a  long blog article so I will type it in two segments..titled, "Meat eater A" and followed with "Meat eater B".


The biggest categories of people that seem to benefit the most from animal-based diets are people with the following conditions.


1. Autoimmune conditions--a very high percentage of people with autoimmunity see a dramatic reduction in symptoms, and many times and full resolution of symptoms by following with a carnivore diet or a mostly carnivore diet that contains only the simplest and least toxic plants.  For autoimmunity, it's basically the most efficient type of elimination diet, since there's so many type of plants that trigger atuoimmune symptoms.

It's fairly common for people with autoimmune conditions to get triggered by plant foods such as gluten-containing grains, beans (very high in lectins), nightshades (tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and white potatoes), oxalates from leafy greens, and other problematic compounds in plants.


2.  Gut/digestion issues--since excessive fiber and excessive plant-based antinutrients and plant toxins can worsen digestive conditions, a mostly meat diet can actually be really healing for the digestive system in a lot of people, even though that statement surprises most people.  Even the world-renowned digestive doctor Dr. Michael Ruscio stated in an interview that somewhere around 60% or more of his patients need less fiber, not more.  Too much fiber can cause overgrowths of certain types of bacteria that can cause more digestive distress.

Too much fiber can also irritate the digestive tract in a lot of people as well.


Geary goes on to say, "I personally know a lot of people that are using carnivore diets and experiencing dramtically improved digestion.  I also know serveral people with Crohn's disease where carnivore is the only thing that has worked for them to control their Crohn's and they  had tried eerything before that. It won't work for everyone, and most conventional doctors have never even heard of carivore diets, so don't expect you doctor to know anything about it if you ask.  In fact, most conventional doctors (I'd say 95% of them ) don't know much at all about nutrition isnce there's almost zero nutrition education in medical school.  So the only MDs that know a lot about nutrition are usually just the  small percentage of that are self taught."

 I will continue the article information in the next blog "Meat eater B"--- watch for it                                                                                                                                           tomorrow.


I pray you are enjoying some very good information from his report..please continue to finish reading it.


To your health, Geri..

This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.  Pslam 118:24



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Krissy | Reply 10.08.2022 13:17

Thanks for the article. I’m one that eats a little bit of everything .

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10.08 | 13:17

Thanks for the article. I’m one that eats a little bit of everything .

10.07 | 10:18

Happy 91st birthday! I counted a privilege to be considered a friend. May God bless you on your special day. Shirley Schulz 💕

09.07 | 23:44

Happy 91st birthday to my special Aunt who I love dearly. God continues to bless us. Thanks for all you do for me.

06.07 | 06:45

I still drink my water at room temperature.
Interesting article.

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