Live the good life with plants

Tending to plants promotes good health


This lovely plant gave me many blooms and hours to enjoy it's beauty as I cared for it. I understand how it affected me after reading the the picture to enlarge it.


I found this article by a Dr. Ryan Shelton and knew it was one to share. 

Start the New Year with a healthy lifestyle and attitude.....I have a friend that is a living testimony to the following statements. Even though she has been dealing with many health problems for a very long time..she is an example of staying the course..she loves tending to her plants, they thrive with her care and of course it has an impact on her health the following to see how plants can help you have a "FEEL GOOD"  year and beyond.


Being around nature can evoke a sense of calm and quiet which can otherwise be hard to find. 


Whether it’s lunch at the park or a walk through a beautiful greenhouse, nature inspires beauty and just makes the air purer. Going on hikes or walking secluded trails aren’t only scenic but they also help get a fill of fresh air which is cleansing for the body. 


Physiological benefits apart, plants and nature have also been found to help people facing stress, anxiety and psychological duress. 


Keeping all of these in mind, many people have started exploring plant therapy as an avenue for cleaner air, better health and a better mood. Plant/Nature therapy comes in more than one form: gardening, essential oils and aromatherapy, eating organic and healthy, and nature time.


1. Gardening


Caring for plants is like a connection to nature that is very personal. Watering plants every day and tending to them can be treated as a routine to help disconnect from daily life. This experience can have effects similar to meditation.


Having a sense of empathy for plants and having those plants serve as a constant reminder of the hard work that went into keeping them, inspires feelings of self-sufficiency and capability. Caring for plants has even been seen to increase the body’s serotonin levels helping people feel good instantly.


2. Essential oils


Organic essential oils have been said to help immensely with alleviating stress and in some cases even physical inflammatory issues. Take, for example, the scent of lavender or bergamot. These are considered relievers of stress in their own ways.


Lavender is well known for its soothing ability to help with anxiety and related sleeplessness. Bergamot, with its fresh notes, helps fight fatigue and related stress. Eucalyptus oil is a perfect example of a scent that is even known to be able to relieve respiratory problems during colds.


3. Eating Organic


Diet has always been the biggest way in which nature has benefitted us. Eating more greens is good for the body not only because of their nutritive value but also for their cleansing effects. Fruits and vegetables can help people feel healthier too.


An unhealthy diet not only impacts our body, but it also could lead to anxiety and stress from toxins and difficulty to function properly. 


4. Nature Time


A change of scenery is literally the prescription for a tired mind. Especially these days, with very little exposure to the great outdoors, it can become increasingly difficult to stay positive.


Exposure to natural light and fresh air is a natural and innate need for the body. A walk outside or even a trip to the beach can inspire calm and creativity with a larger canvas of experiences.


Nature therapy can help you explore things about themselves that may otherwise get lost in the pace of the day.


To everlasting health

Dr. Ryan Shelton


My prayer for America and the world is that the pandemic comes to an end early in 2022.    We need to keep asking our Lord to save us from the evil that has overcome us.. continue to pray and ask forgiveness and humble ourselves in prayer..


" If my people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will  hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land."  2 Chronicles 7:14

Blessings, Geri

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17.04 | 06:56

Happy Easter, Geri!
This post is beautiful!

06.04 | 16:30

Good words to remember and live by…Thanks

10.03 | 07:19

It’s quality of friends not quantity , I always say. I love that picture of Jacob at Fred Howard park with is little friend. Love ya, Aunt Geri

10.03 | 07:02

This made me smile again about 3 years later. Thanks for sharing again.

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