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I renamed this post from summertime to Healing is ours and re-posting this recent blog with some added tips and information. i just read and listen to ...


We had a very hard 2020. Things are getting better, but it still calls for taking care, Like washing hands often, etc..  BUT, it is necessary to get active and involved again.. Too many people of all ages, suffered from the isolation depression!  We are born to fellowship... Keep reaching out to the shut in, handicapped and the elderly. Even though restrictions are being lifted more and more, there are many people so concerned about getting sick they may be afraid to venture out at this time. We need to reach out and help them through this stressful time..Making a phone call, offering to shop or if possible a visit, even a short time, can ease their concerns. 




Getting physically active, taking walks, and being in the sun for at least 20 to 30 minutes will help to replenish your sunshine vitamin D-3 for your immune system..I live in an apartment so my walks are in the halls. The following is my supplement regiem..


Living in Wisconsin I don't get enough time in the sun most of the year and because I'm a senior  "I turned 90 on the 13th of July!" it's not very convienient to absorb the sun daily I have been taking 5000 iu of D3 for many years..I know it's been good for me..  ask your doctor what the appropriate dose would be for you..My sister lives in Florida and takes her AM sunshine walks most days , her D3 intake is 2000 suggested by her doctor

I also take a B-12 complex it's another good product to boost immunity and energy and, I put a small teaspoon of cinnamon and 2 Tbs. of honey in my morning coffee. plus take a zinc tablet with breakfast.

I take a product called BTotal a liqued solution, one dropper full under the tounge that goes to work right away, taken every day.


If would you would like to try this product, call 1 800 856 7040 for immunity boosts,  or the website,, also available on Amazon..


If you've been very inactive during this time, start extra activities slowly. Don't over do it, your body can react negatively if there is too much too soon...gradually increase the time of your walks etc.  Hopefully pools and lakes will be open,  moving in water is an excellent way to reactivate your muscles without extra strain..I'm speaking from experience on this..I had a very active birthday weekend and I paid the price !  On my feet and wearing sandels way too long!! That ended in a lot of pain in my heel and my lower calf of the left leg..the one I have a lot of arthritic knee pain in..  Yup, I over did it and paid the painful price..



The most important exercise...YOUR FAITH !!...fellowship and worship, now more than ever..Our God is in control ...He will reveal the evil and show us the truth and the way.. I hope you were able to watch and listen to sounds of freedom this 4th of July..signs and wonders to be seen and heard...soon.  He said it, I believe it! I could see and hear fireworks from my balcony, that made my day.



The latest encouragement is advice from scientists for all of us.  Take 5000mg of D-3 supplement,it's a steroid hormone that binds to cells to resist attacks of viruses,  try to get 20 to 30 minutes of sunshine a day in the AM ..(A nice walk! and good exercise...) take 40mg of zinc, 600mg of NAC, also hot and cold showers or if available a hot tub or suana, whirlpool, followed by a dip or shower in cold water. Usually 5 minutes hot and then 2 minutes cold. and repeat this a couple times a day ESPECIALLY  if you are feeling weak/low, to stimulate your immune systems.  Using hydro therapy..Which, by the way, was used and highly successful, no lockdowns, no masks, or distancing..we survived... during those early flu epicemics and other wildly spread virus and disease epidemics.  To prevent the onset of pneumonia. Also, If a person  has even a mild case of covid it's best not to be lying flat all the time...fluids accumulate in the lungs that way.


I hope these tips and suggestions are a HELP to you as we move forward through summer of your immune system now to handle the coming winter...🙂🙂🙂


Strategies to Strengthen Your Immune Health

Although the long-term effects of social distancing, masking and lockdowns may not be fully appreciated for years, it is known the psychological effects of social isolation, including loneliness and stress, can significantly affect your immediate immune response.


When you feel lonely, your immune system is suppressed. Studies have found people who feel socially connected were 50% less likely to die over the study37 and those with social ties are also less susceptible to catching the common cold.


2020 created different types of stressors that may have had a harmful effect on the immune system when cortisol stimulates the production of sugar and epinephrine and norepinephrine elevate blood pressure.


One way to help reduce stress and buffer the effects is to be outdoors in nature. Walking through a park, woodland or green space may lower your heart rate and blood pressure, and normalize your secretion of stress hormones. Living close to and engaging with nature has also been linked with a reduced risk of Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and early death.


And, as I discuss in my Mid-Cape Summer Fest presentation below, being outdoors also helps to optimize your vitamin D levels, which plays a significant role in your immune system. In fact, it's one of the top strategies I recommend to help support your immune health. Here are several ways to improve your health:


•Eat all your meals within a compressed window of time — Compress your eating window to six to eight hours. It may be somewhat challenging initially, but it’s a powerful strategy that will improve your immune function and help your body repair and regenerate. Begin slowly compressing the time until you reach six to eight hours, with the last time you eat at least three to four hours before going to bed.


•Eat the right types of fat — Before processed foods became the norm for our diets, only 1% to 2% of your diet came from linoleic acid. However, currently people are getting upward of 20% of their diet from linoleic acids, which is associated with damaging your metabolic health by damaging your mitochondria. Your body can store linoleic acid for years. It is found in seed oils, such as sunflower, canola, safflower oil and other vegetable oils.


Even healthy olive oil can have up to 20% of linoleic acid. However, most olive oils sold on the market today are adulterated and watered down with linoleic acid to lower the cost and lowering the health benefit. Most restaurants use adulterated olive oil because pure olive oil is very expensive — added to which, most restaurant food is also high in linoleic acid.


•Make time to exercise — Your body is designed to move! By not providing stimulus, it may begin to decline and you’ll lose muscle mass. This increases your potential for becoming frail. Although cardiovascular exercise is important, resistance training is just as important to building your muscle mass.


•Try making a sauna part of your routine — Another form of exercise is using a sauna since it’s exercise for your vascular system. Using a sauna is important as it activates your heat shock proteins, which help to refold damaged proteins in your body.


Interestingly, 30% of the proteins in your body, when they are made, are misfolded. This means using a sauna is an important process to reduce your potential for neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.



This is the day the Lord has made, Let us rejoice and be glad in it.  PSALM 118:24


Pray with me: taken from GH15 (give him 15) by Dutch Sheets.


Father thank You for releasing the power of Your prophetic voice into the earth today. We pray that we will hear You clearly, in order to more effectively decree what You are saying into the earth. You told us to release Your governmental authority. We will continue to release what You have already clearly spoken:

  • America shall be saved
  • Worldwide harvest is coming
  • The earth shall be FILLED with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea
  • Miracles are on the increase
  • Prodigals are coming home
  • America shall be given a wise, God-honoring government once again

In addition, we add our prayers for the people of Afghanistan. We ask You to use this situation to bring disillusionment regarding false religions and open millions of hearts to Christ. We pray for protection and great grace to our brothers and sisters there.


We ask and declare these things in the mighty name of Jesus! Amen.


Our decree: (Make it personal)


I am anointed by the Holy Spirit to release declarations of breakthrough. I have the power to shape my world by the words I speak. I will open my mouth and decree what God says, and things will shift and change for me. I will decree my promises, and they will be established for me, and light will shine on all my ways.


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Krissy | Reply 16.08.2021 16:54

Excellent information. I’m interested in taking the Btotal.

Nancy B | Reply 14.08.2021 18:02

A belated Happy Birthday to you! I'm glad you're doing so well. I do enjoy reading your blog.❤

Donna gosset | Reply 14.08.2021 16:52

Goodvadvice, I have been locked I. My house. For a wk.
I keep walking around the hour, keep moving tomorrow I
start the showers.

Kriss | Reply 22.06.2021 16:15

Great suggestions. You’re doing something right because you look great at almost 90!!!

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Happy Easter, Geri!
This post is beautiful!

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Good words to remember and live by…Thanks

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It’s quality of friends not quantity , I always say. I love that picture of Jacob at Fred Howard park with is little friend. Love ya, Aunt Geri

10.03 | 07:02

This made me smile again about 3 years later. Thanks for sharing again.

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