Ice water can cause problems

People may find drinking warm or hot water soothing, especially in colder months, while cool water can be more refreshing in warmer weather. Drinking warm water may temporarily improve circulation by causing the arteries and veins to expand.


Research suggests that the temperature of the water that people drink can affect levels of sweating and rehydration. For example, a United States Army study from 1989 found that drinking warm water (40°C) rather than cool water (15°C) may cause people to drink less, which could lead to dehydration.....BUT,


2013 study suggests that the optimal water temperature for rehydration following exercise may be 16°C, which is around the same temperature as cool tap water.


The researchers reported that participants who consumed water at this temperature drank more water voluntarily and sweated less than when they drank water at other temperatures.


In a 2011 study, researchers concluded that drinking cold water at a temperature of 5°C did “not improve voluntary drinking and hydration status” in six Taekwondo athletes.


Drinking water of any temperature is essential for staying hydrated, especially when exercising or in hot environments.


However, drinking cold water may worsen symptoms in people with achalasia, which affects the food pipe. Drinking ice-cold water can also causes headaches in some people, particularly those who live with migraine.


People should make sure they get enough water each day, regardless of its temperature. The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine advise that females need to consume around 2.7 liters of water a day to meet their hydration needs and males around 3.7 liters. This intake can come from both foods and beverages.


I drink water without ice especially when eating at a restaurant.





2.  The drastic temperature changes from hot food to ice water           may cause disgestive problems. The blood vessels in your               stomach tend to shrink and causes the digestion process to                                     slow down.


3.  Decreases your heart rate, and stimulates the vagus nerve.             This nerve controls the involuntary functions of the body.         Also an integral part of the nervous system.


4.  Shocks your body.


5.  Succumbs to sore throat.


6.  Body doesn't absorb vital nutrients.


7.  Can cause problems with bowel movement.


8.  Drains energy levels.


9.  Long-term ice cold water has deleterious functional and                 structural effects on the liver.


10. Contracts the blood vessels and restricts digestion. 




.......drinking chilled water after a meal interferes with your                   body's ability to breakdown fats. !!!


  Start your day with thanks to the Lord and with a cool or                                  warm glass of tap water ..

                            for your better health..


 "This is the day the Lord has made,let us rejoice and be glad in it

                                                         Psalm 118:24 












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Great word, one that everyone needs to remember!!!

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Very interestin heLthg, tims mom used to eat the raisins for her problems.

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