Daylight savings, coming soon

My photo in Brown Deer Park.."On Golden Pond" on picture to enlarge it.


October is a very colorful time of the year and also a busy time.  I know that Labor day weekend is usually a busy time ....many people were busy closing up summer cottages, storing boats etc.  Getting kids ready for back to school.  But...When the leaves start to turn and fall from the trees.....

we get the BIG PICTURE !!!  


Winter clothes are being brought forward in the closets, patio furniture is covered or stored.  Perhaps a thorough fall house cleaning is done because I see a few unwelcome guests in the place, such as spiders and 'uggggh' a centipede looking for a warm place to settle in. ( I pour vinegar down the tub drain and close it to keep the creepy crawlers out.) I' really am on the lookout for any bugs that may have made their way into my cozy apartment. I don't bring my plants indoors from the porch until a frost or not at all..too many unwelcome insects may be living in them.


Am I paranoid about bugs?  You bettcha..!  I'm allergic to bee stings and mosquitoes will leave a quarter size itchy welt..this summer I had a couple of bites that became infected and In the past, I had a spider bite on my ankle that took months to heal, only after the doctor pulled barbs out..eeek!  There may a good use for all kinds of bugs in Gods plan for the universe, but not on me or in my living quarters!I 


I love the changing seasons, the beautiful reds and gold of the leaves, the fall sunsets and yes, I even love to see the snow covered trees etc. (don't like driving or walking in it though) Not too keen about the 'daylight saving time ' change coming on the 4th of November..It gets dark too early and stays dark too late in the morning. our farmers really need this time change anymore?  Is it doing what it was intended to do? 


I don't like to drive at night unless I'm close to home and have plenty of lighted streets, it sure curbs a lot of my activities. So I have to make changes and 'move on'!


All complaining aside, Wisconsin is a beautiful state and the changing seasons are the most beautiful in the country,...just my opinion..  How boring it would be to me to see the same brown or green landscape year around.  As the season change, we have to make changes in our daily routines, that keeps us moving forward not stagnating.  Life is too short to waste time, so we move into the next phase of a season and our lives. 



Live it with gusto, look forward to the next phase..find humor in these changes. 


as actor GEORGE BURNS put it...

"Some signs that old age might be creeping up on you"



When you like to be in crowds because they keep you from falling down.


When the parts that have the arthritis are the parts where you feel the best.


When a big evening with your friends is sitting around comparing living wills.


Where your knees buckle and your belt won't.


When your idea of a change of scenery is looking to the left or right.


When somebody you consider an old-timer calls you an old-timer..




"This is the day the Lord has made, I shall rejoice and be glad in it."                                                                                                                  Psalm118:24



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16.07 | 19:28

Hi Geri: Oh, my, how the years fly! I remember your 80th birthday party well. It seems as though it was just a couple of years ago. Rack up another 10!

05.07 | 10:29

Staying active is the key. That’s something I need to work on🙂

04.07 | 07:32

Great information!!! Love to know if it works for you💖

22.06 | 16:15

Great suggestions. You’re doing something right because you look great at almost 90!!!

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