Afraid of change?

This is a picture of my sister Donna..she keeps dancing..with life..!!!  cllick on photo to enlarge


A famed 78 yr. old Choreogrpher tells us her secrets on how to keep dancing with life at any age.


 Twyla Tharp, author of "Keep Moving". Talks about what she learned about aging.


She sees our bodies changing rather than how others say 'the body diminishes as we age'.  Her attitude is, we ALTER....the body changes..and we need to change with it rather than fight against it.


Instead of thinking we become less than what we once were..she says just the opposite:  we are the accumulation of knowledge and experiences and options.


As we age ,there are more options, not fewer.. she points out the example of Beethoven, who was deaf at the end of his life, yet the last string quartets he wrote were amazing. He had to delve deeply into his memory bank and  his mixture of things. 

Mixing and matching becomes much more possible with age.


A lot of people think their identity is etched in stoone.  That's defeating.  One should be able to wake up every morning at age 75 or so and and think anything is possible.


People have to be willing to change.  People in a comfort zone, need to say "on occasion this will serve me and this doesn't, it just habit.  I'll set it aside and move on."


People are terrifed of change, that's when they have a  hard time moving on.


Her advice on aging is..EXPECT it to be a positive experience and do whatever you can to support that expectation.  Aging isn't easy, and anyone who says it is isn't experiencing it. Obviously, there are challanges.  The body is insulting the mind, which remembers things that were once possible..


Know that the body is a very wise instrument, so investigate its possibilities..Don't have a goal that you can accomplisnh.. Go for one that will continuously pull you along to the next discovery.


Actress Betty Davis once said in one of her movies.."GETTING OLD AINT FOR SISSIES."


REMEMBER..This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.

                                                          psalm 118:24




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16.11 | 09:54

Beautiful story sure hope its true.

08.11 | 14:37

YES…love this story❣️

20.10 | 16:04

Very informative. Thanks for sharing.

20.10 | 10:30

I totally agree with the value of eating fruit. So tasty and delicious and good for you too! Love it. I enjoy your blog Geri. It's always a positive note!

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