Grace and Favor abound..

A sudden turn of events...



Those are the words I have been hearing from family and friends..  If you read my last  blog post, you read how I had so much favor in the sale of my house and finding an apartment..Plus moving into the apartment and being ready to fly to Florida for a much needed rest etc.


THOSE STATEMENTS WERE AMPLIFIED...I moved on a Thursday, was getting a little settled on Friday and Saturday..Sunday went to church and out to lunch with my friends..but...on the way home.....................


I  HAD AN ACCIDENT TOTALING MY VAN..I won't go into details on how it happend, only to say, I was being watched over ..and those words IT COULD HAVE BEEN WORSE...were very real..


I didn't want to be transferred to a hospital to  be checked out, so my friend marie drove me e after i filled out the police reports..


My Children insisted I get checked out anyway, i went into the ER they took x-rays of my knee and shoulder that was swelling up quickly, also did a CT of my abdomen, it was bruised broken bones..just severe bruising..however, The Ct. showed something I need to follow up with a vascuilar specialist..about something they found but not related to the accident.

Could be heading off a problem in advance.."a blessing in disguise"??? you might say..  So again and again, my Lord has been there for me..I was not able to leave on the next day for my trip, as planned, in fact It turned out that I also had to go back to the ER..after 48 hours I had exstreem vertigo and nausea...caused by the jolt in the accident..So after an MRI to make sure I did not have a concussion, or other head trauma, I was given an IV, anti-nausea and vertigo medications..which I took all week.


Another blessing was with my travel plans..southwest airlines ended up changing my flight arrangements, not once but twice!..Here is my additional good news...I was able to fly to Florida on tuesday the 24th, a week later than planned..but I'm am here in the sunshine and beautiful weather..sorry to hear Wisconsin is cold now>>>

I'm staying with my neice and nephew,  will work with Glen for the Octoberfest this weekend and then the following week we will be going to Orange Lake Resort.. at a time share and we will enjoy more sun and water time..PLUS...I will have a couple of days with my sister Donna and my neices Kim and Kris...I haven't seen my neices for a couple of this will very enjoyable..


My Thanks and praises to my Lord and Savior Jesus..for the love, grace and favor He has been showing me...


I am surrounded by loving family, and friends...


One word of advice...don't ignore what you may think are not serious injuries..get checked out if you have the misfortune of an accident no matter how minor you think it is..IT COULD BE WORSE !..




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DONE Sending...

Lani | Reply 01.11.2017 17:20

I'm happy to hear that you are on the mend, Geri. Marie told us about the accident. Enjoy that wonderful Florida sunshine, looking forward to seeing you again.

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20.10 | 16:04

Very informative. Thanks for sharing.

20.10 | 10:30

I totally agree with the value of eating fruit. So tasty and delicious and good for you too! Love it. I enjoy your blog Geri. It's always a positive note!

16.08 | 16:54

Excellent information. I’m interested in taking the Btotal.

14.08 | 18:02

A belated Happy Birthday to you! I'm glad you're doing so well. I do enjoy reading your blog.❤

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