Do you recognize some ..or yourself !



How true !!!  After reading  this..I decided to share it with you..See if it hits home.. 


Lunch with girlfriends
By Kathy O’Malley 

Elaine’s vertigo has never been worse
Kay can’t recall where she left her purse
Rhonda’s about to replace her knees
Linda’s breathing is tinged with a wheeze

Donna's left boob has a troublesome lump
Diane’s on her third trip to take a dump
Lorraine’s husband can’t remember a thing
Nine years a widow, Marge still wears her ring

Marlene is dealing with another UTI
Sally’s giving a hearing aid another try
Marie has decided she can’t drive at night
Sharon still wears clothes two sizes too tight

They’ve been through divorces and babies and wakes
They do for each other whatever it takes
They’ve already buried Marcia and Kate
And truthfully, Lizzie’s not looking so great

So whenever they can, they get out to eat
Open bottles of wine and forget their sore feet
There’s laughing and crying and letting down guards
And when the bill comes, there’s ten credit cards 

So here’s to the waiters who keep orders straight
And to the places that let lunches run three hours late
And here’s to the girlfriends, those near and those far
Here's to the girlfriends, you know who you are

There is humor and truth in this poem..I go to lunch with girlfriends often and many of these topics are the same..Isn't it wonderful?


Being able to spend time to share experiences, of trials, joy, sadness. is a great gift of friendship.  As a woman, a caring human, I am grateful for this kind of open sharing with my friends. 


It's my opinion that women have been blessed with the ablility to be many things to many people.  Often their burdens are overwhelming and they need to release some of the pressure.  Girlfriends are very special, they fill that need and are there for each other no matter what the circumstances are.


We are,  girlfiends, sweethearts, wives, mothers, grandmothers, and if we're lucky to be around long enough, Great Grandmothers. We're Aunties, Cooks, house keepers, chauffers, nurses, boo boo kissers,  gardeners. Cheerleaders ( not just on the football field, but for our sports gifted sons and daughters) we're great  huggers and sympathetic listener's, problem solvers....this list goes on and on.  All I can say is God knew what he wanted when he created woman, so we need to be obedient and be



(the picture is of just some of my wonderful girlfriends from church)


"This is the day the Lord has made I will rejoice and be glad in it"..

                                                                                               Psalm 118:24   

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16.11 | 09:54

Beautiful story sure hope its true.

08.11 | 14:37

YES…love this story❣️

20.10 | 16:04

Very informative. Thanks for sharing.

20.10 | 10:30

I totally agree with the value of eating fruit. So tasty and delicious and good for you too! Love it. I enjoy your blog Geri. It's always a positive note!

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