Fill your room with the scent of lemon

Are you anxious or depressed? try this....
    The lemon...a beaultillful and powerful fruit

She cuts into a lemon and puts it next to her bed. The reason? This is something everyone should try!




See what a lemon can do for you!

We already knew that lemons are good for much more than just sprucing up your drink. But that it could be good for this was something that came as a surprise to us as well!


There are soooo many great reasons to eat and drink lemons..but this article tells us how even the the aromoa helps our well being..

I like lemon in my water, love the smell of lemons, now I have even a better reason to enjoy lemons.... while I sleep.

I think God has given us so many natural's time to pay you agree?


Vitamin boost
If you’re really tough and don’t mind the sour taste, you can just eat a whole lemon. Lemons provide you with a vitamin boost: they are full of super healthy phytonutrients. These phytonutrients search your body for free radicals that cause damage. Drinking a glass of tepid water with lemon juice in the mornings can also help kickstart your digestion, AND lemon can help make your skin look beautiful from the inside out. In other words, there are only benefits to be gained from this sour fruit! But did you know that it can also help against depression and anxiety attacks? Read on to find out how this works!


Antiseptic properties
A lemon’s aroma possesses antiseptic properties, which means it can influence your state of mind. This means that the aroma of a lemon can ensure that you experience fewer depressions and anxiety attacks and that a positive atmosphere is created in the room. The only thing you need for this tip is a number of lemons. Cut the top off one lemon and place it upright. Then take a sharp knife and cut into the lemon both horizontally and vertically. Take care not to sever the parts completely. Place the lemon in a bowl next to your bed and let the aromas do their work. For an even more effective treatment you can place a bowl with a lemon in every corner of the room.




1.    Heart Health..lemon oil prevents cholesteral from breaking up into the           blood stream

2.    Aids Digestion...helps system to digest food properly

3.    Lifts your outlook on life...we all have bad days etc. from time to time,           vitamin C in lemon water can help to cheer you up.

4.    Avoid anemia.. with citric acid and vitamin C.

5.    Increas bodies immunity

6.    Fights off bacteria in your mouth

7.    Take care of urinary problems

8.    Weight loss/ control

9.    treat colds and illnesses

10.  An every day healthful detox

11.  Improves you skin/ hydrates the  cells

12.  Improve s energy levals every day


Try some or all of these lemon suggestions, they are much better than a PILL..with who knows what side affects it has..Natural solutions may take a little longer but are much better for us in the long run.


You can read the full discription of each of these benefits on the following website  look under the 'HEALTH heading and scroll down to the  bottom and go to page 2 scroll down to the "12 benefits of lemons" will find many other interesting articles on this site .




                                                                                          psalm 118:214

 When life wants to deal you a lemon,,be grateful and turn it into lemonade!




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Another good one.

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