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There are people that are very talented on the internet and phone deals. Wasting their talents on scams..  I can only feel sorry for the wasted lives of these individuals..they will be caught!  And this one is going to be caught.. as I am reporting everything.


Be aware this Holiday season is prime for theivery !  Especially targeted are the elderly. (like me)


I have prided myself on being very aware and cautious in answering phone calls from unknown numbers etc.  


BUT....SADLY,.I nearly fell victim to a scammer ..


I am happy to report I caught it in time.  However, now I  have a lot of work ahead of me.  To make sure my money is safe.. I had to close my bank account and open a new one. i have to make many calls and changes to all my 'autopay' accounts ..I have been paying my bills online..I am looking into a different system .


My advice is,... do not answer 800 #'s or numbers you do not recognize..these people are very clever and convincing..Tho I prided myself in being cautious, I took a call from what I thought was a company I did business with in the past ..turned out they were falsely using the company logo..I will be contacting this company to tell them about the scammer using their logo etc. and contacting past customers.


The red flags should have gone up, ( my bad!)...I could have lost a large amount of money...Thankfully I became suspicious of some of the details being laid out..and went to my bank to get answers.. The answeres were negative to what I was being told..


So....the account is closed the caller is blocked.. I will take my computer in to be checked out also and I have renewed my awareness of these scams..


AGAIN, a warning for a surge in crooked scams during this time especially


* do not answer calls from unknown numbers


* A company that "calls" is usually fake


* If you think the call may legitimate, tell them you'll chack it out with the        company  before proceeding 


* block suspicious numbers on your phone.,


* the same goes for emails...don't open anything you are not sure of..If a          company is offering you something they most likely will send a letter in          the mail so you can follow up.


Save yourself a lot of stress and be extra careful about calls offering refunds etc. 


Have a safe, peaceful and joyous season..


"This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it! Psalm 118:24



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21.02 | 18:44

I know I’m doing something right. Great information!

20.02 | 16:03

hi geri

03.02 | 14:52

This is so very poignant for me! Everything you said is so true especially, missing my husband & the future seems hopeless,at times Thanks for your blog! Cindy

02.02 | 22:56

Good article, the key word is moderation!

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