Would your friend sit in a mud puddle with you?

 Friends that gathered to bid farewell to Cheryl who was moving out of state and is missed.

But still in our thoughts and prayers and stay in contact with her.

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Read: Job 2:7–13
Bible in a Year: Job 1–2; Acts 7:22–43


Friendship is a precious gift. 

We know many people and may have lots of acquaintances.  The most rewarding is that wonderful friend who is always there for you no matter what is going on in your life. He/she is not there to criticize or give you their own idea of how to solve the situation that is hurting you. 

Just being there and listening or simply spending quiet time with you until the storm clouds lift, is what is called a true friend.


The following excerpt is from today's "Daily Bread". 

I read about a mom who was surprised to see her daughter muddy from the waist down When she walked in the door after school. Her daughter explained that a friend had slipped and fallen into a mud puddle. While another classmate ran to get help, the little girl felt sorry for her friend sitting by herself and holding her hurt leg. So, the daughter went over and sat in the mud puddle with her friend until a teacher arrived.


Often the best thing we can do when comforting a hurting friend is to sit with them in their suffering. —Lisa Samra



Heavenly Father, help me to be a good friend to those who are hurting. Thank You that You promise to be near to those who are suffering and provide encouragement through Your Holy Spirit.
A friend’s presence in the midst of suffering provides great comfort.


Do you know what a friend we have in Jesus?  read(John 15:13  Greater love has no one than this....)   He is always there for us.  Sitting at the right hand of the father and interceding for us.  His sacrifice proves the love he had for his friends. I am blessed to be called his friend.

Go to U-tube put in the song title and  hear the song "What a friend we have in Jesus"..so comforting!


Be a special friend to someone and know the joy it will bring you. 


"This is the day the Lord has made..I will rejoice and be glad in it"                                                                                                                    Psalm118:24



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16.11 | 09:54

Beautiful story sure hope its true.

08.11 | 14:37

YES…love this story❣️

20.10 | 16:04

Very informative. Thanks for sharing.

20.10 | 10:30

I totally agree with the value of eating fruit. So tasty and delicious and good for you too! Love it. I enjoy your blog Geri. It's always a positive note!

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