Plants that are good for your health

Jasmine plant reduces anxiety


Jasmine reduces anxiety, panic attacks, and depression


The following article is by Linda Parker ...she tells us about the effect Jasmine scent has on our mind and body, researchers say it's as effective as some drugs.


This scent has the power to improve your mood.  It helps you deal with sleep disorders and improves the quality of your sleep as reported by a recent study conducted by a group of German experts.


They tested many scents on lab mice and humans in an effort to find out which scent affects neurotransmitters in the body.  Do you know Jasmine is as effective as valium?


Ancient Greeks were the first to discover the benefits of Jasmine.


Jasmine essential oil is excellent for your massage. Jasmine is often added to cosmetic products because of its great effect on skin. Jasmine scent can help you deal with depression, stress, anxiety and other mental issues.


Keep a Jasmine plant in your home.  You will love its scent, and you will sleep like a baby.  It's an excellent plant for your bedroom, so don't forget to have one in that part of the house.



When it comes to air purifying plants, you can also get some AloeVera, Spider plant, Snake plant and many others.  These will help you sleep better and clean the air in your home.



Bay leaves have been used by thousands for years because they contain anti-inflammatory properties and have the ability to support digestion and improve the respiratory system as well.


After simmering for an hour they have an even better taste because if you try them raw, you'll see they have a bitter taste.  


You probably think you don't have an hour to spare.  However, if you want to reap the wonderful benefits of bay leaves, now you can burn them!


By burning them you accelerate the release of their active compounds, because of the intense fire.  The inhalation of the smell provides various health benefits.  The two most important are:e



Since bay leaves have anti-inflammatory compounds (mycrene and eugenol), they provide amazing effects when it comes to reducing stress.  After the bay leaf is burned, they become airborne and relieve respiratory inflammations, treat colds, and prevent allergies.



A study by the American Association of Nurse Anesthetics found that the other significant compound of bay leaves is Linalool and it improves social interaction and can reduce anxiety.


Linalool needs ten minutes of smelling the burning leaf in order to start acting.  This has been reported to have a mild psychedelic effect.  But if you burn them properly, bay leaves quickily release the extremely beneficial compounds.


Just place a dried by leaf in an ashtry or bowl,  set it on fire, then leave the room and close the door.  The beneficial smell will fill the room, so you can return in a few minutes.  After this, blow out the embers and start inhaling deeply.


I hope you found this information interesting and useful..with the cold and flu season almost upon us..good preventative information can be a great help.


"This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it"  Psalm 118:24





























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