Damage of sitting too long !

My sister Donna is still dancing !!


This is a  photo ..of my sis dancing ..this is 2 years  *(update  5 years).. later after her big 70th party...she looks great doesn't she?  This was a day cruise on Tampa Bay on a WWII battleship tour..they provided dancers to add to the 40's music..of course that makes her feet start to move

YOU GO GIRL.. Great exercise..sure wish I kept dancing..now my feet dance while I sit !! while art..hritis sits with me...  Because I'm battleing a knee problem I've been sitting way too much and paying the price because of it..I will make it a resolution to move, stand do what I have to do and avoid those long periods of sitting !! Join me ?


UPDATE..this virus has kept us inside and inactive...we must move and absorb the sunshine in order to boost or keep our immune systems strong!.


I let my self fall prey to this inactivity and have more arthritic pains !!  I have resolved and set a goal of walking the halls of my apartment twice a day and increase  it daily..Join me..put on your mile meter..lets stay active and healthy...


I may not be able to dance like my younger sister...but the feet still tap to a tune.! 

 Hey seniors...this was after my sister's 70th birthday...great way to stay healthy...moving and grooving...most of her friends are in the same age catagory...and some a bit oldern !..Your never too old to enjoy a great birthday party...so keep them coming,  by keep moving !!



Even if You Exercise, Sitting Eight Hours a Day Significantly Increases Your Risk of Dying From Any Cause


Get up and walk every 1/2 hour..move your body even when sitting in a chair..check out exercises that can be done sitting ...
Be a little silly and dance (if you can) in your living room or kitchen..put on some tunes and enjoy..
We will overcome this trial we are going through..lets do it with gusto!


 By Dr. Mercola

If you’re like most people, you spend a vast majority of your day sitting down—in your office, commuting to and from work, watching TV in the evening... Research1 shows that the average American spends nine to 10 hours of their day sitting.


Certain occupations, such as telecommunications employees spend an average of 12 hours sitting each day. I was certainly in that group and for 15 years was sitting more than 12 hours a day. And, the more sedentary you are at work, the more sedentary you will tend to be at home as well.

Thankfully, last year, the evidence became overwhelmingly compelling and I have essentially eliminated 95 percent of my sitting. I found that merely getting up for a few minutes even six times an hour would not help eliminate my back pain but stopping sitting altogether did.

Even on weekends, the average person sits for eight hours. This behavior can be more problematic than you might think, as the human body was designed to be in more or less constant movement throughout the day.


I really wasn’t  aware of this prior to last year, but the evidence shows that prolonged sitting actively promotes dozens of chronic diseases, including overweight and type 2 diabetes, even if you’re very fit. This is really highly counterintuitive as it would seem physically fit people could get away with sitting.  


However, research shows that maintaining a regular fitness regimen cannot counteract the accumulated ill effects of sitting eight to 12 hours a day in between bouts of exercise. This is very strong evidence to seriously consider eliminating as much sitting as you can.


Sitting really is the new smoking and it increases your rate of lung cancer by over 50 percent. Who would have known that sitting is far more dangerous than second hand smoke?



MY COMMENT TO THIS ARTICLE... I was not heeding my own advice.. I realize just how very important this information is..especially to seniors that do sit for long lengths of time !!


MORE ABOUT THE DANGERS OF SITTING TOO LONG !                          ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
It's one of the worst things you could do to your body -- and odds are, you're doing it right now.

When you sit, your metabolism slows to a snail's pace and your blood begins to pool in your legs and feet instead of rushing to your heart and circulating throughout your body.

The longer you sit, and the more sedentary you are, the greater the effect. It's so damaging that studies consistently show that not even daily exercise can undo the metabolic damage of sitting for hours at a time.

But there is something you can do, right now, to reverse that damage and improve your metabolism: Get up and move for just five minutes every hour.

When you sit for an hour, your blood flow is impaired by 50 percent -- but if you move for just five minutes in that hour, there's no impairment at all, according to the latest research.

In the study, researchers had their volunteers walk on a treadmill for those five minutes, but you don't need a treadmill to get those results. Just get up and walk anywhere, even if it's only around your room.

And while the research focused on young and relatively healthy (but sedentary) people, older folks can get big benefits from just a little bit of daily movement as well. A second new study, for example, finds that being active throughout the day can help prevent the shrink of your telomeres.

Those are little caps that sit on the ends of your DNA. As you get older and your cells replicate, your telomeres shrink. And the more they shrink, they higher your risk of chronic disease and death.

But the study of overweight and sedentary seniors finds that those who sit less have longer telomeres. (Last October I shared another telomere-saving tip. Discover how one tiny diet trick could be the key to turning back the hands of time!)

Of course, studies like these tend to oversimplify things a little.

If you spend less time sitting -- if you walk those 5 minutes every hour -- but eat junk and fail to get some moderate activity several times a week, then you're setting yourself up for some problems.

So for maximum benefits and longevity, commit to less sitting as part of an overall healthier lifestyle.

This article was written by Dr. Mark Stengler


"This is the day the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it"

                                                                                                                      -Psalm 118:24

"Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments"  - Jom Rohn


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Happy Easter, Geri!
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Good words to remember and live by…Thanks

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It’s quality of friends not quantity , I always say. I love that picture of Jacob at Fred Howard park with is little friend. Love ya, Aunt Geri

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This made me smile again about 3 years later. Thanks for sharing again.

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