Keep your eyes on the Horizon

Troubled times? or Aging in Life?

We are living in hard times..and need to keep our focus on the positives in life..I've reposted 

article to encourage all of us to keep a positive attitude, don't let the nay sayers and gloomers

spoil your day , your life.

"This is the day the Lord  has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it."

Psalm 118:24


Do you ever feel adrift??  read the ariticle from "Our Daily Bread".

about keeping our eyes on the Horizon...



This is such good advice...the article is from today's Daily Bread..

As an elderly person, I need to continue to look forward to the City I'm traveling Horizon! 

No matter what age we are we encounter a rocky ship from time to time.

.Like the little girl in this story I had a big problem with seasickness, so woe is me

( ha ha)...I never could take an ocean cruise.  I've always wanted to enjoy that luxury,

but as I grew older I realized that there are so many other wonderful LAND cruises to


I put aside that 'poor me' attitude and have found many wonderful things in life

and I keep my eyes on the Horizon God has in store for me. 


Travel to other states by way of Air or car or bus works just fine.  Although I have

some physical weaknesses it doesn't keep me from going on wonderful exciting day

or week long trips. I look forward to new adventures by not dwelling

on what I can't do, but by seeking out what I can do!  Most importantly, I find

what kind of help I need physically in order to go on the trip..I'm still able to walk,

not too far without pain,  but with the aid of a walker, I can participate and enjoy

the moment.


We have been blessed with a beautiful world to explore, what I can't do by way

of land or air I  can watch beautiful videos of other countries and cultures..but with all that said.. this is the "City on the Horizon" of our lives.  Live today with your eyes  on the 

Horizon, ,life is only temporary.

We are given the promise of the end of the Horizon and what it holds for you. 

You have God's promise of that!



 Remember,  "This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it"

                                                                                                      Psalm 118:24


Read: Hebrews 11:8–16
Bible in a Year: 2 Chronicles 7–9; John 11:1–29

We are looking for the city that is to come.—Hebrews 13:14

Almost as soon as the ferryboat started to move, my little daughter said she felt ill. Seasickness had already begun to affect her. Soon I was feeling queasy myself. “Just stare at the horizon,” I reminded myself. Sailors say this helps to regain a sense of perspective.

The Maker of the horizon (Job 26:10) knows that sometimes in life we may become fearful and restless. We can regain perspective by focusing on the distant but steady point of our destiny.

The writer of Hebrews understood this. He sensed discouragement in his readers. Persecution had driven many of them from their homes. So he reminded them that other people of faith had endured extreme trials and had been left homeless. They endured it all because they anticipated something better.

As exiles, these readers could look forward to the city whose architect is God, the heavenly country, the city God prepared for them (Hebrews 11:10, 14, 16). So in his final exhortations, the writer asked his readers to focus on God’s promises. “For here we do not have an enduring city, but we are looking for the city that is to come” (13:14).

Our present troubles are temporary. We are “foreigners and strangers on earth” (11:13), but gazing at the horizon of God’s promises provides the point of reference we need. —Keila Ochoa

Father, in the midst of troubles, help me to focus on Your promises.
Focus on God and regain perspective.

INSIGHT: Followers of Jesus wait for the day when we will be with Him—the fulfillment of what we’ve spent our lives pursuing. We rightfully yearn to be “home with the Lord” (2 Corinthians 5:8). The troubles we have in this life make our desire that much sharper and earnest. Today’s passage isn’t about forgetting the world we live in and thinking only of heaven; it’s about seeing our present life from the perspective of the life to come. Paul reminded us that our current troubles are not worth comparing to what is to come (Romans 8:18). J.R. Hudberg

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Kris | Reply 29.05.2018 15:12

Good advice

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17.04 | 06:56

Happy Easter, Geri!
This post is beautiful!

06.04 | 16:30

Good words to remember and live by…Thanks

10.03 | 07:19

It’s quality of friends not quantity , I always say. I love that picture of Jacob at Fred Howard park with is little friend. Love ya, Aunt Geri

10.03 | 07:02

This made me smile again about 3 years later. Thanks for sharing again.

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