Letting go of toxic /negative attitudes

Is your winding road leading to Happiness or ????

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GREAT ADVICE FROM BOB BLY, (writer entrepreneur)

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His success as a writer comes with the right frame of mind.  It applies to all walks of life.


Carrying around a negative attitude is toxic..it harms us physically and mentally.  It can also harm those close to you as well. Toxic thoughts coming from you is contagious.  Our friends and family pick up on these attitudes and it can lead them down a self-destructive path.


 Happiness can not go along with negativity.  If you are subjected to negativity, it is best to distance yourself from where those harmful thoughts and ideas are coming from.


The following statements are from Bob Bly's newsletter..that I receive regularly containing great encouraging advice.  I hope you find it something to think about if you or someone you know is in a toxic downhill spiral.



 ***Letting go of toxic and negative attitudes***

Are there events in your life that you have not let go? If your
answer is yes, list as many as you can think of.

Then, for each negative attitude, think about what it is costing
you in terms of your overall wellness and enjoyment of life. Be
aware that all negative attitudes or thoughts produce harmful
toxins in the body that can manifest themselves in physical and
mental conditions.

Note that letting go does not condone the events. It just means
they no longer affect you negatively into the future.

Source: CRG Weekly, 6/3/19.


***4 excuses that stop you from reaching your goals***

#1--It's too hard.

#2--I don't have the time.

#3--I don't have any money.

#4--There aren't any profitable markets left.

Source: Terry Dean, 6/6/19 email


***A hack for winning arguments***

A hack for winning arguments I have used with success: If I know
I will be forced to defend my contrary thinking to a group of
people who vehemently argue the opposing side, I bring a "cheat
sheet" with me.

By cheat sheet I mean an article clipped from the New York Times
or some other trusted source that contains facts and data
supporting my thinking on the subject. Just having the physical
article in hand lends a degree of proof that others without cheat
sheets cannot provide. And paper works better than electronic
display on your smartphone; seems to have more gravitas.


***Joke of the month***

In some foreign country a priest, a lawyer and an engineer are
about to be guillotined.

The priest puts his head on the block, they pull the rope and
nothing happens -- he declares that he's been saved by divine
intervention -- so he's let go.

The lawyer is put on the block, and again the rope doesn't
release the blade. He claims he can't be executed twice for the
same crime, and he is set free too.

They grab the engineer and shove his head into the guillotine. He
looks up at the release mechanism and says, "Wait a minute, I see
your problem..."


***Everyone makes mistakes***

Next time you kick yourself for making a mistake -- e.g., a typo
on your resume, being late for an appointment, burning the roast
-- be aware that more than 200 times a year, U.S surgeons operate
on either the wrong patient or the wrong body part. A surgeon who
once operated on my father's leg removed, in a different patient
years later, the wrong part of that person's brain. Compared to
that, most of our mistakes are a cake walk.

Source: Harper's Magazine.


***Why it pays to be nice (most of the time)***

In an email from Ted Talks (4/10/19), Arthur Brooks writes:
"Never treat others with contempt, even if you believe they
deserve it.

"First, your contempt makes persuasion impossible, because no
one has ever been insulted into agreement. Second, you may be
wrong to assume that certain people are beyond reason. Finally,
contempt is always harmful to [the person expressing it]. While
it may feel good in the moment, it is the fast road to


***Quotation of the month***

"Time does not wait for you to become well prepared. If you don't
dream or take action, life will simply pass you by."

--Ken Keis

Source: CRG Weekly, 6/3/19.


More encouraging quotes.


"The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible."

                                                                                                    Robert H. Schuller


"In the role changing circumstances of life, there is a faithful never-changing God in control."


" There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving and that is yourself"                                                                            Alphas Huxly



"This is the day the Lord has made, rejoice and be glad in it." Psalm118:24



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Happy Easter, Geri!
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Good words to remember and live by…Thanks

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It’s quality of friends not quantity , I always say. I love that picture of Jacob at Fred Howard park with is little friend. Love ya, Aunt Geri

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This made me smile again about 3 years later. Thanks for sharing again.

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