Are you Leaking Hope?

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When life is hard because of sickness, loss of work, sin...we are like a cup filled with water and it has a leak in it!  Hope is draining out .....

Sunday morning this was a wonderful message given to us by Pastor Ryan..based on 2Chronicles 4:18, if you were not present to hear it I want to share my thoughts and highlights of this encouraging message.


... don't give up ! 



1. Recognize your humanity (we are as jars of clay)

2. Realize God's promises (in God's word, not the messenger)

3. Therefore (because of his word) don't lose heart. 'Renew your hope daily'.          "His mercies are new every morning"..Lamintations


Prayer and worship refill our hope.


Realign your priorities, search to solve problems, not solutions.


Fix your eyes on the unseen. Read scriptures, "fill it with passion and hope". Focus on the unseen for we tend to fix our eyes on what is seen.


Our God is an awesome God that has given up the spirit of Hope and salvation.


Today's problems are not our final answer.  Life is a journey.  It can be a journey filled with laughter, hurt, love, dreams, pain, anxiety, and joy.  It is a journey in which we experience many changes and challenges along the way.  These challenges help us grow and shape the person we are and will become.  We gain special wisdom as a gift from God.  He gave us a spirit of hope and love, not fear of today or what tomorrow could bring.


This message should encourage people of any age to look up with hope.  Young people facing the challenges of the future in an uncertain world. Aging people with their time drawing to a close.  ALL have the promise for life eternal with our savior Jesus Christ. 

We must continue to refill that leaking cup of HOPE.  He has shown us the way.

Today is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it"  Psalm 118:24



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16.07 | 19:28

Hi Geri: Oh, my, how the years fly! I remember your 80th birthday party well. It seems as though it was just a couple of years ago. Rack up another 10!

05.07 | 10:29

Staying active is the key. That’s something I need to work on🙂

04.07 | 07:32

Great information!!! Love to know if it works for you💖

22.06 | 16:15

Great suggestions. You’re doing something right because you look great at almost 90!!!

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