Hurt by church? .


A great comment from a friend, Thank You Julie...

(Picture and words from her post on facebook.)


My comments below..In these days of the winds of change and trauma..I choose to follow Jesus

no matter what comes my way. Physically, mentally, personal, political..I know my God is on the throne and in these are my thoughts I wanted to share after hearing two very good messages in church today.


With many changes going on in various churches..People get caught up on the function of the organization, instead of keeping their focus on Jesus and his word..

In a pastors message today he said, overexposure and thinking about physical changes/extremities etc. can lead to people being caught up on the function of the organization, instead of keeping their focus on Jesus and his word.., overexposure to those things can lead to unresponsiveness to really hear Gods word.


Also In Bible class this morning, a similar statement was made...Pastor Gene said, When a pastor is giving a message, there is always at least one word or sentence that really means something to your spirit, if you didn't hear it need to listen again until you get it.."God's word never goes void". When the words in the message are about Jesus and his promise to us that's what we need to concentrate on.


Change is very seldom easy..but necessary for many reasons.  Our walk in life should be a walk in the light of Jesus and his word. God's mercy and grace is given to us to live by and to share with others. We need to build our Relationship with Jesus, nothing else is important. 


May you be encouraged to know that our Sovereign Lord is in control.

Nothing can happen without His knowledge and will.


"Be still and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations. I will be exalted in the earth".  Psalm 46:10



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28.03 | 22:28

I liked your blog . Weren't we fortunate to have the opportunity to take part in the Cantatas of the Passion of Christ was one of the great blessings my life.

18.03 | 21:04

Great word, one that everyone needs to remember!!!

27.02 | 08:39

Very interestin heLthg, tims mom used to eat the raisins for her problems.

21.02 | 18:44

I know I’m doing something right. Great information!

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