Not about living longer it's about living better?

   photo of our senior group having a fun time  at a fish boil in Door County, Wi. click picture to enlarge it.


We're at the right age to really enjoy our lives.

"Age is an issue of mind over matter.  If you don't mind, it doesn't matter."  ` 

                                                                                                    Mark Twain




American author Jack London once said:

“I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them. I shall use my time.”

I was reminded of the quote this week when a friend asked me if they should take Vital Stem to live longer.

At first I answered: “Well, yes…” and I began to explain how the ingredients in Vital Stem have been proven to slow cellular decay and boost longevity.

But the truth is, I’m not really trying to live longer…I’m trying to live better.

I don’t just want to live into my 80s and 90s. I want to remain healthy, sharp, and vibrant in my 80s and 90s!

This is not some unachievable dream. In fact, there are plenty of examples of truly incredible people who defied ‘Father Time’ and reached the prime of their lives…after they turned 60.


 This was an excerpt from a newsletter I receive from Live Stem Cell Research Co.


I wanted to share this information to anyone that may be struggling with health

issues.  Not feeling as vital as they could at any age..


It's not just about living longer. It’s about living better, and making the second half of your life even more exciting than the first.


 Why it’s so important to me to try and live well, get exercise, and take full advantage of longevity supplements like Vital Stem that are proven to slow the decay of aging in cells.

I believe we’re truly blessed to live in a time of incredible medical advances, where regular people can have youthful bodies and minds in their 70s and beyond.


  Here is my opinion about good natural supplements!


      The live stem cell powder i drink daily is just one of a few suppliments I take and can say they have helped me remain active.

I've been blessed with 85 far.!! years also.  The expression, been there done that..applies to much of my life. I'm not trying to brag about how old I am..although I'm flattered by the complements I receive.  There isn't any secret to talk about here..My attitude is, just keep on keeping on!. what I mean by that is,  I continually look for new projects, and challanges..guess that keeps the gray matter...functioning.  


Even though I've had some set backs I try to move on, make a change when needed in the way I do things.  Nope ! can't run any races..sure do admire those 'old' people that can run marathons etc.  But can't miss something I never did !

Here are some things I use to do and how I might do them now..

I could walk for miles on a beach...    Now I can walk blocks in a swimming pool..

I could dance every style dance step...  I can tap my feet to the rythem

I was a singer/actress....I love going to musical theater, like the Fireside in Ft. Atkinson,Wi

I was a night owl, stayed up and out late... I still stay up late, after I have fallen asleep                                                                   infront of TV and want to finish watching the                                                                   recorded program, even if it's 3am when It's over..I learned to put my favorite programs on record for that very reason...and don't miss a single one.   Or if I want to finish a chapter in a book I'm reading.                                                     

Played tennis....  I enjoy watching the pro matches on TV

Played golf....I watch the golf classics

I was blessed with many talents and was able to accomplish a lot using those talents..and istill do..a little slower perhaps..but the point I want to make here is...  As we age we don't have to retreat and not enjoy the things we did before, we just have to make adjustments in how we go about enjoying them now.. and most important...find new interests.


There are many new talents to explore..I learned to crochet ..It's good exercise for my hands and a feel good result when I donate the finished project to a hospital or ministry.  I travel with my church group and with family whenever possible.  I'm presently having a problem with my knee...(working on it to get better) when i am going to fly anywhere..I take advantage of the service most airlines provide..and get "wheeled" to the gate and then to baggage.  No reason to stay home and cocoon ! 


Check out the's purpose is to help re-energize those adult stem cells we need to help our bodies to repair themselves when needed..


To your good health..

"This is the day the lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it."   Psalm 118:24 


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I know I’m doing something right. Great information!

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hi geri

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This is so very poignant for me! Everything you said is so true especially, missing my husband & the future seems hopeless,at times Thanks for your blog! Cindy

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Good article, the key word is moderation!

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