Hurrah for corn on the cob!

AHHH THE FUN OF SUMMER and time at fairs, festivals, or a backyard gathering of family and friends..enjoying a favorite fun food.."CORN ON THE COB"..  


Of course, it has to be dipped in melted butter and then seasoned with your favorite seasonings.


What do you like to use to season your corn?


SALT, PEPPER, GARLIC SALT, TACO SEASONING, CHEESE SALT, ONION SALT???  Do you use one or a combo of many?  




Do you stand with a friend/partner and just work on that cob til it's bare??? 

Are you a group corn eater?  3, 4 or more stand in a circle and go to work?

Single, lone corn eater??


I observed many different groups, couples, singles. Teens, elderly, middle-age..toddlers


I saw Dad teaching his little one how to work on that corn..


Here are some examples of how some people proceed to eat their corn on the cob..


TYPEWRITTER style...a rapid nibbling across each row


MIDDLE CHOMPER..eating from the middle and rotating the corn around and around


TOP END ..rotating around the cob working down the middle --BOTTOM END..rotating around the cob working up to the middle..and then nibble across row by row ...


No matter what the style a person uses to clean the corn off the can see the pleasure all over their faces..YES, it usually is all over their face, and perhaps butter dripping down their arm..

BOTTOM LINE is, this is a national pastime in the summer at event gatherings..


God Bless the farmers and their supply of corn for all to enjoy




My confession....I cut the corn off the cob and eat it with a fork or spoon..

I know that's not the fun way, I did that when I was a kid, now I'm old and don't like the messy hands and face.  But hey you-all just enjoy, enjoy...It's summer time ya know..



Forgive me,  but I just have to make some comments on what I see people wearing at fairs, etc.


The classic jean is no longer just jeans...they are torn and tattered..some cut to make short shorts with the inside pockets hanging out the edge???  cute?..not in my book.


Flip flops..I'll never understand how a person can walk all day on concrete in a flip flop for shoes


Cool t-shirts,  because they too are torn and tattered for the air flow I guess.


On the other side of the fashion trend I see, guys or gals, wearing sweat shirts in 90o weather ??? how did they survive heat exhaustion.???? low blood pressure, cold hearted, it's a mystery to me.


Then I saw  SMART CROWD... Ladies carrying umbrella's..very wise idea. Toddlers and babies in strollers that had awnings.


I was working at the fair and had plenty of time to watch the parade go by..We sold a lot of water and I was happy about that, keeping hydrated in the heat was very important.


People had a good time enjoyed the corn on the cob and had lots of laughs. It was a good Washington County Fair.









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20.10 | 16:04

Very informative. Thanks for sharing.

20.10 | 10:30

I totally agree with the value of eating fruit. So tasty and delicious and good for you too! Love it. I enjoy your blog Geri. It's always a positive note!

16.08 | 16:54

Excellent information. I’m interested in taking the Btotal.

14.08 | 18:02

A belated Happy Birthday to you! I'm glad you're doing so well. I do enjoy reading your blog.❤

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