Letting go - Moving on

The time had come to let go !!!  I will admit I waited longer than I should have..but...I made the move!  I sold the house, and let go of a lot of 'stuff' !  I have a lovely new apartment, with a new view that is to the east, I'm looking forward to the morning sun each day..


It's October and the leaves are turning colors and falling to the ground..I have a new view of nature at work.  Soon the trees in front of my balcony will be covered in snow..another new treat to see.  I will be using my camera to record the changes..


In Spring I'll watch for the birds and the trees budding out..I may miss my sargent crab and the many visiters I had in it..I enjoyed watching them  from my office (spare bedroom) window.

BUt ...I will be setting out humming bird feeders on my balcony in spring, I'm told they come around here very often..that will be an exciting new treat for me..these precious little creatures are like little angels saying hello !! I think I'll buy a book about hummingbirds so I'll be informed and ready for their visits.


I'm going on a trip to Florida in two days...only 4 days after moving into the apartment..this is going to be a well deserved rest after the big move..waiting so long to do this added a lot more work..my advice is..don't wait..when you start to feel that where your living is not as comfortable or convienient..start your downsizing and search for the apartment you will be happy in.


I have been given favor from the Lord in this entire endeavor..I give him the praise , the glory, the unending thanks for his grace..I called upon him to come to my aid..I was very nervous about the sale, and finding the right apartment, and the right timing..Let me tell you how it was all put together.

The day, I recieved a call that there was an offer on the house, I recieved a call that very afternoon that an apartment was availble for me..I had put my deposit on a waiting list..and was told there were many ahead of me.  So I know it was the hand of the Lord at work.  


I was blessed with wonderful neighbors, with who I will continue to stay in touch.  

I have met some of my new neighbors..One stopped by with a piece of her home baked cinnamon bread..I can see a new beginning here...

I look forward to being able to linger, not be rushed when I go into a bookstore or when I'm out and about with my camera..I can capture a moment, no matter how long it takes!  I can sit on a bench and just watch what ever is going on around me that catches my attention..

  I'll have to control a snicker when I see people staring at me and thinking..that poor old woman with nothing to do all day..Tee Hee...


Your turn is coming..make it a change and a challange.. Keep asking God to watch over your progress..HE WILL !



                                                                                                  Psalm 118:24



Latest comments

19.01 | 18:52

This brought back a memory from my childhood when a beggar came to our door asking for food. My gramma fixed him a plate but made him sit outside to eat it.

15.11 | 12:54

There's some good ideas there..thank you 😀

24.10 | 15:45

Well that made me laugh..and think why is that.

07.10 | 19:43

Hi Geri, for some reason your emails have been going into my junk mail folder. Glad I thought to check or I would have missed all,this good information.

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