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The wonders of Coconut Oil !


(my photo...TAKE THE PLUNGE...try something natural !


Please open this video and be amazed...


We are starting to learn more and more about the 'NATURAL' aids for our health..of course the sceptic's are out there, after watching this video I hope your not one of them...


I talked about taking cinnamon and honey with a couple of ounces of warm water in an earlier post.  The weekend of Easter I came down with a sinus infection..cold...I really don't know what to call it, but I relied on a natural remedy instead of anti-biotics and running to the doctor.


My relief came quickly...I started with the scratchy throat on Thursday evening, by Friday I had laryngitis and a stuffy nose, I sat around feeling like a zombie all that night and most of Saturday.  Honey on a spoon took away the scratchy throat. I increased the cinnamon and honey doses and by Sunday afternoon, my voice was getting clearer and I was feeling a lot better.  By Monday I was almost back to my old self ..

'like a normal human being.' (a matter of opinion? what is my normal? ha ha)


I brought this up again, because of how this one natural remedy helped me. There are many foods like honey, apple cider vinegar and coconut oil that act as a natural anti-biotic...You can do the research on information in the video is very clear on how good coconut oil is for our health.


Please watch this video to the end, and see how this doctor was able to help her husband with Alzheimers and the progress he made when she added coconut oil to his diet.  Another doctor gives her results as well. 


The video in this message has some interuptions for commercial and starts with a commercial...but the content and information is excellent so please be patient and watch the entire video.


????? Coconut oil watch to the end - A Real Eye Opener!



 "A year from now you may wish you had started today"...

                                                               -Karen Lamb



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05.07 | 12:08

2 Thumbs up!! 🤗

30.06 | 17:37

True words. Our pastor said the same. We are just men who sin only God is perfect and without sin.

26.06 | 09:59

So True!!
Thanks Geri, enjoyed the truthfulness in this article❤️

25.06 | 12:57

Excellent message. Thank you❣❣❣

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