Alternative treatment for osteoarthritis

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Choice of Footwear May Help Knee OA

Choice of Footwear May Help Knee OA..AND...

Alternative treatment for osteroarthritis of the knee.."Low level energy laser" (LLEL)


Arthritis Foundation funded researcher, Dr. Najia Shakoor, finds that flexible-soled shoes may work better than shoes with stiffer soles for people with osteoarthritis.


Cold laser Therapy can help knee pain...


There are multiple benefits to receiving cold laser treatments..By Dr. Schnee

*  Relieves or Eliminates acute and chronic knee pain

*  Increases the speed, quality, and tensile strength of tissue repair in the knee

*  Increases blood supply to the tissues in and around the knee joint

*  Stimulates the immune system

*  Stimulates and improves nerve function

*  Developes collagen and muscle tissue

*  Help generate new and healthy cells and tissue

*  Promotes faster wound healing

*  Reduces inflammation (swelling) in the knee

*  "The laser treament speeds up cell repair & stimulates the immune,                      lymphatic, & vascular systems " Paul Silbert, J.D. Chief of Neurology at

     Jersey Shore University Medical Center.


The following is my story and MY EXPERIENCE WITH KNEE PAIN AND LLEL (low level energy laser)  also referred to as 'Cold Laser treatments.


LLEL devices have been available for over 30 years, but few doctors have used them due to lack of knowledge.  This was personally researched by Dr. Larry Altshuler.  He documented their benefits for osterarthritis.


I started searching the internet of some answers to my knee pain delima, when I came across Dr. Altchulers book on alternative treatments for arthritic knee's.

This information was so exciting to me, I looked for technicians in my area using the 'cold laser' treatments..I found a chiropractor, Dr. John T. Friedrichs, BS,DC at the Wisconsin Spinal Rhabilitation Center, in Pewaukee, Wi.


My problems began In the fall of 2007,  I started to have extreme pain in my right knee. In January of 2008 x-rays and an MRI suggested the loss of the fluid lubricating the joints.   I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis years before, but now the pain was getting hard to bear. I tried cortisone and Hyaluronic acid injections..None of these worked. There were many sleepless nights with pounding pain.


It's important for me to say, "I'm no sissy', and could always indure a lot of pain. But those 77 year old joints were really screaming in a loud voice now, even had to use a cane to help me walk.  No fun for an active old gal.  I was not looking forward to a possible future knee replacement. Now at 83 I'm still walking.. without a cane!  After the initial treatments, I only have a treatment once a month or so. ...depending on our wonderful Wisconsin damp winters..



I want to add that I am now 85 and the right knee is doing fine..BUT...I'm in the midst of having treatment for the left knee..


A little over a year ago, the pain started in my left knee..a doctor diagnosed the pain was due to a tendon sprain..unfortunately rest, etc did not help..the pain got worse ...I had an MRI and x-rays, that determined the arthritis was causing bone on bone pain..It was suggested I have the knee replacement surgery..Again, I said no thanks, I want to investigate alternatives..I found a second opinion from another orthopedic surgeon..he is very conservative about surgery .. he suggested trying the latest in 'shots' first...  great improvments have been made over the years regarding the substance used in the shots.  This doctor has been using the shots for himself after an accident and has been having successful results..and these shots can be repeated every 6 months for as long as needed.

The shots are called orthovics..a high molecue hyluran..the latest in the shots for knees...I decided to try that route rather than surgery...I will be getting my last shot in a couple days..I have to admit the results are slower.. than I had hoped.  First of all because I was not taking it easy the first 48 hrs after the shot and second because of the amount of arthritis damage..the origianl reason I saw a doctor over a year ago seems to be valid also..The tendon or ligament under the knee is still painful..I may have to immobilize the knee for ??? how long to give it time to heal..I WILL go back for the cold laser treatments..I'm convinced that has kept the arthritis, problems at bay in the right knee.  I will follow up with my progress as the knee gets better.. Let me add, the night time throbbing pain is so much better almost gone, the series of 4 shots, 7 days apart..are finally kicking in,...I'll be away for 3 weeks and when I return I'll start the cold laser treatments to aid in healing the problem with the tendon or ligament which ever it is..and halt the arthritis .


LLEL produces concentrated beams of light in wavelengths that don't produce heat, unlike the "hot" lasers that are used in surgery.  It does not destroy tissue, as "hot" lasers; these "cold" lasers heal tissue.


The studies suggest that the LLEL breaks up arthritis cells, increases blood flow to the joint, and in increases lymphatic flow to decrease swelling.  (as noted in the information above). 
Also appears to stimulate and provide energy to the cells responsibible for making new cells.  In other words, it has the potential to regenerate or grow new tissue..


I hope this information will give you an alternative to the usual treatments of SURGERY, PILLS AND MORE PILLS...!  

The cold laser treatments are being used more often now. In Sports they are especially finding this to be a great help for those terrific hits the players take. It's not just for knee joints but any area's in pain and in need of healing. There have been excellent results for carple tunnel problems also.  And so much more!



"He who has health has hope and he who has hope has everything"   Arabian Proverb


"This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it "  Psalm 118:24


















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