Have a good cry and feel better !

I had a reason for a good cry yesterday..the cortisone shot I had in my knee has worn off and I'm in extreme pain once again. Along with the pain, I was so disappointed that it didn't last longer and now I'm facing more treatment and possible surgery for the bone spur in my knee. I mention this because my niece Sherry pointed out to me, as she was trying to comfort me, that shedding those tears was indeed good for me.  


I admit that after a having good cry, I will face the facts and will put aside the frustration so I can move forward with the next proceedure to take care of this problem with my knee.

I feel better this morning..AND..very aware of the pain in my knee, but my emotions are under control and feel relieved.  Now my task is to take the next step.


This article is about why having a good cry for any reason is good for us. 



I hope this article by Dr. Mercola helps you to understand the many reason for tears, and how they can help.  For the complete article go to www.mercola.com , open the March 12, 2016 issue # 3493..for more.

facts about crying  
Teary Facts About the Science of Crying

Your body produces tears out of utility and for protection, but the most intriguing tears are those produced in response to emotions. Researchers explore the many fascinating properties of tears, from their potential medicinal properties to their ability to provide a survival advantage and aid in negotiations.


Four Interesting Facts About Crying

Why humans shed tears is still a question shrouded in mystery, but there are some intriguing facts worth learning. Mental Floss recently shared several of them:9

1. Crying (Eventually) Makes You Feel Better

Research published in Motivation and Emotion found crying may lead to both worsened and heightened mood depending on when your mood is measured.10

The research involved 60 people who watched an emotional movie and had their moods assessed immediately after as well as 20 and 90 minutes later. Those who cried during the film had significantly increased negative moods right after while non-criers' moods remained unchanged.

By the next measurement, the criers' moods had returned to baseline but, interestingly, by the final measurement their moods had not only recovered but also were enhanced compared to their pre-film measurements. So while crying might initially make you feel worse, it may ultimately boost your mood. The researchers explained:11

"After the initial deterioration of mood following crying that was observed in laboratory studies, it apparently takes some time for the mood, not just to recover, but also to become even less negative than before the emotional event, which corresponds to the results of retrospective studies."

2. You Can Stop Onions From Making You Cry

Onions release a gas called lachrymatory factor (LF), which causes tearing. Japanese researchers developed an onion that lacked the enzyme necessary to produce LF, and therefore wouldn't cause tearing, but it also altered the beneficial sulfur-containing compounds in the onion.

So while the fact that onions make you tear up is a bit inconvenient, it's also a reminder of the many potent health compounds they contain. That being said, the World's Healthiest Foods shared a few tips to cutting onions that should help lessen eye irritation and tearing. If this is an issue for you, don't give up on onions. Try these tips instead:12

"Use a very sharp knife and always cut the onions while standing; that way your eyes will be as far away as possible. Consider cutting onions by an open window. If cutting onions really makes you cry, consider wearing glasses or goggles.

Chill the onions for an hour or so before cutting; this practice can slow down the onion's metabolism and thereby lessen the rate of LF gas production.

 Cutting onions under cold, running water is a method that is often used to cut back on eye irritation, but it's a method we view as a second-best choice since some of the nutrients found in onion can be lost into the flow of water."

3. Crying Might Help You Win a Negotiation

Expressing sadness, including crying, during a negotiation might help you to get your way. This was true, however, only when certain conditions were met, namely when recipients:13

  • Perceived the expresser as low power
  • Anticipated a future interaction
  • Construed the relationship as collaborative in nature
  • Believed that it was inappropriate to blame others

4. Crying After Sex Is Normal

Research suggests nearly half (46 percent) of women have cried after sex at some point in their lifetime14 (and separate research suggests many men have cried after sex as well). Known as postcoital dysphoria, or PCD, this may be due to fluctuations in hormones that occur during and after sex. It may also be due to the intimate nature of sex, which allows people to express emotions they've been keeping bottled up.


What Do Tears Look Like Under a Microscope?

In a project called "Topography of Tears," photographer Rose-Lynn Fisher used a microscope to examine what dried human tears look like close up. Over the course of several years, she examined more than 100 tears from herself, volunteers and even a newborn baby, under a microscope.

What resulted was a beautiful collection of strikingly different images, many resembling large-scale landscapes. Fisher described them as "aerial views of emotion terrain."15 She told Smithsonian magazine:16

" … Tears are the medium of our most primal language in moments as unrelenting as death, as basic as hunger and as complex as a rite of passage … It's as though each one of our tears carries a microcosm of the collective human experience, like one drop of an ocean."

As the saying goes, a picture is worth 1,000 words, so to see the photos for yourself, see Rose-Lynn Fisher's website.17What is perhaps most intriguing is the different forms tears take depending on the emotions behind the. Tears of "laughing till I'm crying," tears of grief, tears of change, onion tears and others all appear remarkably different.

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